Enterkine House Hotel, Ayrshire. 2

What a beautiful sunny day I had filming Mark & Sarah’s wedding in June 2015 and it was also the first time I had ever filmed at Crosshill Parish Church near Maybole  then finally onto Enterkine House Hotel in Ayrshire, This couple were very keen on having their big day filmed so I’m hoping they like what they see when they get a chance to look at their film. The speeches were all very confidently done and that also includes  the bride Sarah.

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2 thoughts on “Enterkine House Hotel, Ayrshire.

  • Sarah Hamilton-Reilly and Mark Reilly

    Just want to thank you so much Lee, for all your hard work on the day of our Wedding, and there after, in the production of our beautiful wedding film 🙂 Our film captures the essence of our big day, laid back, happy, and full of emotion! I genuinely did not appear to EVER stop smiling! The film includes everyone involved in our Wedding, from our guests, to the Minister, Photographer, staff at our venue at Enterkine House, and even yourself haha! You worked endlessly and very much in the background throughout the day, and most of the time we were not aware of you there! We had chosen to have our Wedding day recorded on film (after some debate) as we felt it would give us a lasting memory of our day, which would include the sounds and movements. Also, I was very aware that I may get overly nervous and forget I ever got married!!! Thank fully this is not the case!! It is lovely however to be able to watch our day again, and catch the bits that we missed! It will be a lovely memento to carry with us, and we are delighted we went ahead with the film and used yourself to produce it! 🙂
    Thanks again Lee, job well done 🙂 Sarah and Mark