What About Stormtroopers In Your Wedding Video?

If you’re getting married and want something a little bit out there, from a galaxy far, far away, why don’t you consider having Stormtroopers make an appearance in your Scotland wedding videos?

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but this is exactly what one bride and groom have done, with Sophie Sims deciding that she wanted to surprise her Star Wars-made husband-to-be on their special day, the Daily Mirror reports.

“Jarred loves Star Wars so Stormtroopers made the perfect surprise. When he saw them walking down the aisle he was looking at me and shaking his head because he couldn’t believe it,” the 26-year-old bride said.

So what do you think? Would these make the perfect addition to your wedding? If you’re interested, you can sort your own Stormtroopers out at Heroes4Hire, although they’re not the only interesting lookalikes you can choose to have.

The company also offers Catwoman, Batman, The Joker, Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America and Wonder Woman, as well as lookalikes from other films. You could even have Willy Wonka or Jack Sparrow put in an appearance if you so desire.

But if Star Wars is where your heart truly lies, you could go the whole hog and have not just Stormtroopers but C3-PO, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Boba Fett. There’ll never be a party quite like it!

Would you go down this route or are you after a more traditional affair? Let us know what you plan to do for your special day.

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