Prosecco & Sparkling Wine Most Popular For Weddings?

Long has champagne reined as the drink of choice at weddings, but now Scotland wedding videos look set to catch the toasts and speeches with the guests all supping on prosecco and sparkling wine.

New research from wine merchant Laithwaites, reported by the Daily Mail, has revealed this to be the case, suggesting that the reason behind it is down to the fact that there are a lot more modern sparkling wines now available.

At the typical wedding, 150 bottles of alcohol are drunk, including 60 bottles of red wine, 45 bottles of white wine, 44 bottles of sparkling wine and a single bottle of dessert wine.

Wine buyer at Laithwaite’s Beth Willard said: “The average wedding requires 44 bottles of sparkling wine and not only is prosecco far better value for money, we also find our customers say it’s easier to drink than champagne.”

Some of the top wines drunk at weddings include Alessandro Gallici Prosecco, Roche Lacour Cremant, Corsiero Nero savoury red, Il Papavero Prosecco and Il Papavero soft red.

If you’re getting married this year, the bar should be one of your main areas of concern. There are areas of a wedding you can cut back on but the alcohol should perhaps not be one of them. People like to drink at weddings and while it may seem astronomically expensive, offering a free bar – even if it’s just for a portion of the evening – will make a big long-lasting impression on your friends and family.

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