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3 In 5 Women ‘Would Wear White To Friend’s Wedding’

It’s really rather frowned upon to show up to someone else’s wedding as a guest and wear white for fear of upstaging the bride, but apparently this won’t be stopping many Brits out there as new research has revealed that three out of five female guests would happily wear white.

Conducted by Asda, the study found that this was one of the worst wedding faux pas that people could make, followed by an inappropriate speech by the best man, overly drunk guests and people flirting too heavily with the bridesmaids, the Daily Mail reports.

Of those asked, two-fifths of women said that the day would be ruined if they turned up at a wedding in the same outfit as someone else, with one in five admitting they would avoid being photographed together and one-third worrying that they wouldn’t look as good as their outfit twin.

“There is definitely pressure amongst wedding guests to look their best, so it is no surprise that so many women surveyed were mortified at the thought of wearing the same outfit as someone else,” an Asda spokesman was quoted as saying.

It might be wise not to wear white if you’re going to any weddings this year. After all, you don’t want the bride’s wrath to be caught on Scotland wedding videos, do you! Luckily, there are plenty of other options available. Why not have a look on Pinterest for some outfit inspiration? There’s always plenty of good ideas on the website that will have you looking spiffing in no time.

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This is my first blog on the new Eclipse Video Website. It has been another busy week editing, meeting new customers and preparing for the weekend ahead. I am also looking forward to hearing Daryl and Katrina’s feedback on their wedding video, held at Western House, Ayr.