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Feature Your Cake Cutting In Your Wedding Video

Your big day is a special moment that won’t happen again, so you need to make sure your Scottish wedding video comes off perfectly the first time.

One of the big moments people like to have captured is the cutting of their wedding cake. With many cakes taking hours to make, either by generous family members or by a gifted local business, it is important to many to get this captured on camera.

Follow these steps to ensure your video is shot well:

Make sure that your videographer has a clear view of you and your other half and the cake.

Sideways shots are good but make sure one of you isn’t obscured by the other, particularly if one of you is much smaller than the other one.

Lighting is important. It is often the case that lights are turned down low by this point in the evening, but see if you could plan to cut the cake earlier.

Choose your cutting implement well. In order for the knife to be visible in the video it helps if you use a traditional large cake knife, or even a sword if you have one on hand!

An experienced videographer will be more likely to provide you with a higher quality video than an inexperienced one. You want a videographer who is likely to be able to take charge and ensure the best shots are caught on the day. This is often difficult when you are dealing with family members so consider choosing your videographer carefully and contact us.

3 Top Financial Tips For Brides & Grooms

Getting married is an expensive affair. You have a lot to pay for, from Scotland wedding videography to flowers, dresses, suits, cake… the list goes on. But there are ways you can help stay financially solvent and still hold the wedding of your dreams – and have that happy marriage to boot. Here’s how.

Legal & General has advised people to come up with a budget and use a spreadsheet, prioritising what’s most important and look out for any opportunities where costs can be cut. Find vintage pieces or look for sales. Think about the time of year you’re getting married or ask your friends and family to help out.

So that’s the wedding. What about the rest of your lives? The organisation suggests that you should look into having a pre-nup so you know you’re properly protected if the marriage doesn’t work out quite as you’d hoped. Remember that you have to have your pre-nup signed at least a month before you get married.

And the last tip from Legal & General is that it’s worth sorting out your will, particularly if you have a family or if you’re planning on starting one soon. Seek out legal advice to make sure that your wishes are honoured after you’ve passed. Some solicitors even offer a free will writing service in November if you make a donation to charity.

So there you have it. Getting married is a lot of fun and a truly exciting time but remember that there are also practical aspects of being a husband or wife that you should definitely give some thought before signing the register.